Have You Got A Sunshine Smile

Smiling happens without much thought. When you watch a friend do something silly or embarrassing, you smirk. When a police officer lets you off without a ticket, you grin. And when you are recognized for your top performance in academics or at work, you beam. Smiling is a very natural response that shares our happiness with others.

But did you know that smiling also triggers activity in your brain? Yep, there’s a serious mind-body connection there, in your left frontal cortex to be exact, which is—not surprisingly—the area of your brain that registers happiness.

How often do you smile in a day? Do you smile when you meet new people? When you see your friends? Around your co-workers? 

Your face has 44 muscles in it that allow you make more than 5,000 different types of expressions, many of which are smiles

 NYPS conducts ‪#‎SpecialAssemblies‬ with different interesting themes. This time, it was “Have you got a Sunshine Smile”

Phonetics at NYPS

Phonetics is the science where all aspects of speech are considered and investigated: how speech is produced using our speech organs, what are the properties of speech sounds in the air as they travel from the speaker’s mouth to the ear of the listener, and, finally, how we perceive speech and recognize its structural elements as certain linguistic symbols or signs. Phonetics is something a child must learn in his initial years. NYPS too has arranged an event where Parents Attended a Phonetics Workshop. Here is a glimpse of it. ‪#‎ImportanceofPhonetics‬ ‪#‎Phonetics‬ ‪#‎Parentsworkshop‬





NYPS Participated in Splash-Sit And Draw Competition By Axis Bank

It has been indeed an extremely successful effort by Axis Bank, where students of NYPS along with many other schools participated in a Sit and Draw Competition named “Splash”


The students were extremely happy as enthusiastic faces could be seen all round.


After the event got over the students received certificates of merit.


The winners were announced later.These creative events helps the students to develop their creativity and they get a scope to learn a great deal from their mentors.



An Inter school Sit n Draw competition with the theme “What makes you Happy” was organized recently by NYPS.Leading schools like Bhavan’s Gangabux Kanoria Vidyamandir,Salt Lake School (English Medium ),Hariyana Vidya Mandir and a few pre schools like Kangaroo Kids participated in the event.Catch some glimpses of the event in our blog.




NYPS Organized a Sit And Draw Competition For The Little Ones

NYPS , an institution that inspires the blooming buds recently organized a Sit and Draw competition for the little ones aged within 2 to 10 years.


Extremely talented kids participated and shared their imaginative ideas. With festive season round the corner, the theme was Durga Puja .The event was a grand success and we look forward to many such events with the little ones who can be our leaders for tomorrow.