NYPS Celebrates An Exciting Class Party


Every child wants to have fun and parties and NYPS has always looked after the happiness and enjoyment of their students.  There were lots of fun and engaging games the school planned  for the party and the kids had a wonderful time. No kids party is complete without food and soft drinks so a lot of yummy and lips-macking snacks were arranged for the students along soft drinks . Check out a glimpse here.





Annual Picnic at New York Public School  

This month, the students and teachers of New York Public School went to for the Annual School picnic.


The picnic was a great success with students enjoying themselves to the fullest. They were taken to the picnic spot in buses while being accompanied by their teachers and child care companions.

IMG-20160205-WA0025 IMG-20160205-WA0012

The huge open play area was dream come true for the students as they took turns to play on the structures in the playfield. There were flower gardens were the children learnt about the names of many flowers. After enjoying the sumptuous snacks on offer, the children came back happy and contented.