Why NYPS Can Be Considered To Be Among Best Upcoming Schools In Kolkata?

NewYork Public School has been established by Institute of Engineering and Management (IEM) Group, Kolkata who have been regarded as the legends in the field of Technical Education. One of the best upcoming schools in Kolkata – this school for sure has added a new dimension in the already booming education scenario in the city. So why study in NYPS? We share some reasons with you…

Students get a Global Education

NYPS maintains the standards of Educomp smart classes. It has worked a long way to empower the modern teachers with not just well researched curriculum with unique digital models. Classrooms come alive ensuring learning is indeed a fun experience. The vision of the school is to nurture children from Nursery to PG level using digital technology which will benefit them from a truly global dimension and to offer the students, a mix of supportive environment, modern teaching methodology and nothing less than parental care.

A Happy Team
A school that has an excellent team, where children are made ready to lead a life full of health, mirth and knowledge. Children, Parents and Teachers form a team and work together to prepare the next generation of the country.

TCS ion Collaboration
This is a collaborative approach of learning on the cloud which the school has undertaken. This is aimed to enhance the power of learning outcomes

NYPS aims to be one of the best schools in India from where students pass out as good citizens with high human values, ethics and moral principles. The institute offers regular co-curricular activities and events to ensure that a student get nothing but the best. The school is proud to have an excellent bunch of talented students who have excelled in the International English Olympiad and many other competitive examinations.




NYPS Celebrates An Exciting Class Party


Every child wants to have fun and parties and NYPS has always looked after the happiness and enjoyment of their students.  There were lots of fun and engaging games the school planned  for the party and the kids had a wonderful time. No kids party is complete without food and soft drinks so a lot of yummy and lips-macking snacks were arranged for the students along soft drinks . Check out a glimpse here.