Students of NYPS Creates Beautiful Artistic Pieces Using Waste Materials

Knight once remarked, “Waste not the smallest thing created, for grains of sand make mountains, and atomies infinity. And this is exactly the principle that New York Public School wishes to imbibe in the hearts of the students.



In order to so, the students were encouraged to get on to their creative side and make out beautiful things by waste paper and other products that we generally treat as un-renewable products like the plastic bottles.


Check out a glimpse of the extra-ordinary pieces of art that are crafted by the kids:



Students created excellent pen-holders, craft items, animal figurines and photo frames. The teachers guided the students as the students combined their imagination with their newly learned skills.


A Proud Moment for NYPS as Students Rank in English Olympiad

New York Public School follows the footstep of IEM Group, when it comes to achieving milestones. The educational journey that began one year back seems to be meeting its commitment of nurturing children “locally” to perform “Globally”, hence churning them out to be true “GLOCAL” citizens. The students of New York public school recently participated in the International English Olympiad that was held for the session of 2015-16.


About the Competition

The British council sets the paper of this single level examination and the skills that the students have, in the particular language is tested. The exam was conducted on 28th January 2016 and the students of classes 1 to 4 participated in the competition. The school experienced a proud moment when the results were announced on 3rd March 2016. A considerable number of children, secured 1st rank in the world at “International English Olympiad” that was organized by the reputed institute “Science Olympiad Foundation” (SOF), where in thousands of schools from hundreds of countries participated.

The Young Achievers


Riktrisha Dutta and Adreesh Nath of Class I and II have received the First position. Anusha Kumar of class IV is not much behind as he has secured the third position in this tough competition. Another student of NYPS namely, Sanvi Kaushik of class II has got the 9th position. It has been a really proud moment for the school.

The success can be attributed to the curriculum of the school which along with being child friendly ensures that students of NYPS do not lag behind on a “Global Platform”.